Techkriti ‘99 took place from 19th to 21st February, 1999. This edition of Techkriti focused heavily on the competitions that took place. The highlights of this edition include Endeavour, a inter-disciplinary competition incorporating software, electronics, mechanical models, chemical processes, aeronautical designs, civil structures and metallurgical techniques. Endeavour was rightly dubbed as the ‘soul’ of Techkriti. This edition had open software competitions, design contests, Stockomania, Robot Carrominnes, Nirmaan and Technology Olympics. There was even a technological treasure hunt named Quest. Drawing from past experience, Techkriti ‘99 had decided to focus on the practical applications of engineering and worked towards shifting the emphasis from ‘what you know’, to ‘how can you use what you know’. The talks in Techkriti ‘99 were bifurcated into Interface and Tech Talks. In the Interface series, stalwarts in the fields of science, education and other intellectuals talk about the impact of technology in their respective fields. Dr M G K Menon, Professor Yashpal, Dr Sugata Mitra, Dr Manju Sharma and Mr Russi Mody have been part of this series. Tech Talk was a series of seminars on technologies which company professionals conducted to talk about the technologies that they were connected to. Exhibitions were conducted in the Technology Carnival, with Cosmos and Intex being in the limelight.

Techkriti ‘00 was held in a similar vein and carried forward the legacy created by Techkriti ‘99.
All of this was made possible by the core team members:

Techkriti ‘99: Sandeep Arora (Festival Co-ordinator)
Techkriti ‘00: Awanish Kumar (Co-ordinator Tech Olympiad)


Techkriti ‘01 was a resplendent festival that greatly built upon the previous edition and carried it forward. This edition is in the era that believed in practical applications of engineering, thus events like Endeavour and Nirmaan thrived.

Techkriti ‘02 was conducted from 1st to 3rd March. Like its predecessors, this edition placed emphasis on real life applications of engineering knowledge. Thus, events like Endeavour and Nirmaan continued to delight and impress everyone with display of sheer innovation. The highlight of this festival was the HAMFest 2002. An antenna was erected on the roof of Old SAC

The HAMFest was instrumental in reviving the HAM club at that time and added a new layer to Techkriti ‘02.

Techkriti ‘03 carried on the legacy of the previous editions and made a name for itself as a technical festival. Events such as Endeavour, Nirmaan and ECDC became displays of innovation by the participants.

The people who made all this possible are:

Techkriti ‘01: Vaibhav Vaish (Secretary, Newsletter Cell)
Techkriti ‘02: Navneet Maheshwari (Coordinator, Nirmaan) Nitesh Bhandhari, Siddhartha Jha, Gaurav Veda (Coordinators, HAM Club)
Techkriti ‘03: Prateek Gupta (Coordinator, ECDC)


Techkriti ’04 kicked off with the punchline “Where Ideas Become Reality”. This is Techkriti for you , full of entities you wish to see. Yet again in its 10th year, Techkriti stood by the expectations.The battle of brains bagged humongous success with overwhelming response to the events. Techkriti was ready to test the contingents in all sense against their claim of being the best. Einstein Connection , an event which constituted a series of competitions , ranging from Prayog: An experiment based competition, to Tantra:A theory based competition , to Vyakhya: Where you had to hang around as a teacher over some serious Physics stuff. The list ended with Samadhan: A problem based competition where you had all the time thinking about a situation with absolutely no clue whatsoever , must be irritating but was in turn a beauty.
Mathematica was another such interesting event covering all scopes of mathematics. It was also a series of event installing competitions like Numerica (Number Theory), Geometrica (Geometry), Calculatica (Calculus) and Algebrica (Algebra).
Nutcracker represented the Software section , Olymbiz stood up for Marketing enthusiasts , Eureka a paper presentation contest , and Endeavour which was Asia’s largest model presentation contest of the time.
There was a whole new bunch of stuff for the teams this year. HAM-FEST , a power packed package of presentations and workshops by experienced hams was in store for them. Also for the first time egames like Apple Adventure and Strategem were conducted in Techkriti. Not only this there was something brand new waiting for IITK as Laser and Hypnotic shows were organised for the first time in Techkriti. Some really eminent personalities of the field of technology graced the IITK community including Mr. Eshwar with his aeromodelling lecture , Mr. Srikantha Ramkrishna with his lecture on Open Source , and also a lecture by Sugata Mitra from NIIT.
Techkriti ‘05 carried ahead the legacy of the festival. It was replete with competitions, talks, exhibitions and workshops.
Techkriti ‘06 built upon last year’s edition to create something even bigger and better. It paved the way for further changes and improvements and was the foundation of the upcoming editions.
The people whose efforts created these editions are:

Techkriti ‘04:Abhishek Shrivastava and Prakash Sikaria (Festival Coordinators) Arpit Srivastava, Ankur Singh Gaur and Anuj Rathi (Hospitality) Nikhil Aggarwal, Manjeet Dahiya and Mohit Mangal (Web Designing) Shireesh Annam.
Techkriti ‘05:Ankush Garg and Kshitiz Kumar (Festival Coordinators) Shashi Mittal, Pawas Mishra, Akhil Gupta and Ashutosh Madeshiya
Techkriti ‘06: Deepanshu Malviya (IOPC Coordinator) Varun Garg (SnT GenSec) Prashant Bajpayee


Techkriti ’07 was quite significant for the development of the brand that Techkriti is now among college fests. It was a significant improvement over the previous edition (Techkriti’06) and resurrected Techkriti to be the go-to fest for technical enthusiasts.
Techkriti ’07 saw the introduction of a number of new flagship competitions that added immense value to the brand name and quality of Techkriti. A cluster of new robotics events were introduced which still continue to draw immense participation from aspiring engineers all over the world. The most significant addition was the International Online Programming Contest(IOPC), a state-of-the-art contest which still continues to attract huge participation from some of the finest programming talents of the world. Competitions on hacking and computer security were also introduced, which today goes by the name of Capture The Flag(CTF). These competitions truly projected IIT Kanpur as the hub of engineering innovation.
With such a fantastic set of competitions, Techkriti ’07 invited a participation of over 1300 budding engineers and scientists from all over the country.
Among talks, the most appreciated was delivered by Prof. H.C. Verma, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur, on the development of science.
A spectacular air show by the Akash Ganga team of the Indian Air Force during the Closing Ceremony was pure ecstasy and delight, followed by KK who took the audience on a beautiful musical journey.
The team of Techkriti ’07 did a commendable job and introduced innovative competitions that are here to stay for a long, long time. As the Techkriti brand wasn’t established yet, sponsorship was tough and the team was operating on a shoestring budget. In all, coordination of the events was widely appreciated and the team ensured that Techkriti was a brand never to fade away.
Saumya Jain (SnT GenSec)
Rakshit Kachhal (Event Manager)
Siddharth Khowala (Chief Marketing Executive)
Ankit Hoshing (Head, Public Relations)


Techkriti ‘08, the annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur, set off on its journey between 14th to 17th February.
Techkriti ‘08 had talent competing at full throttle in all of its competitions, that not only touched upon technology, but also spanned the venture of business. This edition of Techkriti pioneered the first ever Rubik’s cube competition in India under the banner of World Cube Association.
Techkriti ‘08 had a plethora of talks with the speakers embodying the ideal of diversity. Stalwarts such as Dr Peter Grünberg, Kevin Warwick, Harsh Manglik and Barry O’ Brian graced the festival and illuminated everyone’s minds with their words. There were multitudes of workshops on robotics, telescope-making, digital imaging, astrophotography and many more. Shows in Techkriti included a laser jugglery show from UK, among others.
All this was made possible by the various core team members who nurtured and handled the festival with all their efforts.

Shubham Gupta and Sharad Lahoti (Festival Coordinators)
Abbhinav Jain and Akshay Jain (Heads, Marketing)
Krishna Khandelwal (Head, Public Relations)
Ashwin (SnT GenSec)
Shubham Gupta


Techkriti is all about transforming thoughts into reality; practicality and feasibility have been the elixir of existence. Techkriti 2008 had it all – competitions that tingled your grey cells, talks by Nobel laureates and also an immense amount of fun and frolic. Techkriti 2009 set out to go one step further; it promised to provide an even better platform for emerging talent to fulfil their dreams and in all sense abiding by its theme Transforming Thoughts.
Techkriti ‘09 started with a background of a big-bang controversies.The root was the merging of Techkriti and Megabucks , an entrepreneurial fest, and then the biggest discussion as to what shall be the name of the newborn fest. There were arguments and counter-arguments and heated up alongside humongous protests. All this ended finally with a signature campaign by the campus junta in support of the view to stand by the brand-name TECHKRITI. Although the business part of the fest was given equal representation in all aspects and the student’s senate passed the resolution wishing all the very best to the newly born Techkriti.
With expansion of its list of events Techkriti went on to be more interesting. With over 50+ events spanning all worlds of technology and now even entrepreneurship Techkriti ‘09 was a success.Although after the sad ending of the placement season Techkriti saw a decline in terms of participation especially from the campus junta.
Despite of all this Team Techkriti put everything into it , whether it be a transformation from a boring Techkriti to a laser-lit Techkriti , it was the urge of the team that the budget got tripled in ‘09 leading Techkriti to a success.Techkriti ‘09 saw a bunch of new perks to get you out of rooms naming a few says introduction of concerts , Go-riding brought in for the first time , Glide-Ride during Techkriti for the first time.
Impressed with the efforts of the team Alumini funds(BSBE dept.) collaborated with Techkriti for the event Bio Business Plan and it’s prize money was raised to INR 85000.
The raising of prize-money eventually turned to be a masterplan getting in new participation.
Techkriti is nothing without its tech-talks. IITK was lucky enough to lend ears to voices of Stephen Wolfram, a computer scientist and a well known mathematician , Lieutenant General Australian Army David Lindsay Morrison, G. Madhavan Nair , Chairman Indian Space Research Organisation and Ron Eglash, an eminent ethno mathematician. The crowd-seeker was a talk delivered by Deepak Munganahalli, an alumnus of the IIT-K on the subject `Energy:India opportunities in Hydrocarbon industry'.
A small planetarium made in the open ground of student activity centre (SAC) drew a large crowd where youth lined up to witness the inside of the planetarium. The youth were shown the stars, pole star and other celestial bodies. The students were also explained how to locate the direction in the absence of a compass with the help of the pole star
All in all the star of the show was the team of Techkriti in turning around the adverse scenarios in favour of the event.

Pranshu Rohatgi and Biplab Deka (Festival Coordinators)
Ankit Sachan (Head, Public Relations)


With the grand success of Techkriti ’09 in the frame of its expansion from being a purely technical to and technical cum entrepreneurial fest expectations were sky-high with the 16th edition of Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial fest. The merging of Techkriti , a technical fest, and Megabucks , an entrepreneurial fest was finally executed in Techkriti ’10. Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of evershining institute IITK its representative fest was all set for a blast. Like always Techkriti ‘10 was a merge of innovation, skill and implementation. This year saw emergence of a whole new set of initiatives, to name a few there was the first scene of Innovators Challenge held in association with National Innovation Foundation. It was a re-engineering competition based on grassroot technologies. There was introduction of Ideas, a business plan competition, which alone had a prize money of INR 4Lacs and received entries from top colleges of India and equal partition from colleges abroad. Battlefield, a case study competition, cases from which were directly taken by Harvard Business Review, was a lime light event. Junkyard Wars was introduced for the first time. The institute was overwhelmed with the auspicious presence of some of the masters of the world of technology. The list was coloured with Nobel Laureates from all fields including Douglas D. Osheroff , Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Prof. Rolf D Heuer :Director General CERN, Oliver Smithies : A Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Paul Shuch:Executive Director Emeritus of The SETI League , Dilip Chhabaria: Founder of DC Design. Techkriti since its very emergence has had a social touch in its events. So was Techkriti ’10 which was lucky enough to have welcomed Lok Nayak Dr. Jay Prakash Narayan the well known social activist.Another starline personality who graced IITK with his presence was Dr. Nicolas Mavridis , developer of world's first Arabic speaking humanoid robot , and also the Facebots , robots which can access your facebook profile to make you friend.
Techkriti ’10 saw great participation from all around. The enthusiasm of participants drew away many old records in it setting up new benchmarks for years to come. For the first in the history of the event prelims were conducted and Lucknow became the host for the history-making event. Techkriti as an event leaves no stone unturned to make it a complete fest. The performances were great and so was the response from the audience. Seeing the crowd go mad over him sand artist Joe Castillo was forced to do 2 shows in response the roar of once more. All this could not have been possible without Team Techkriti ’10 which deserves a word of appreciation for the great job.
Anurag Srivastava and Mayank sachan (Festival Coordinators)
Satyam Kumar (Coordinator, IORC)


Techkriti ’11 was another landmark edition of Techkriti which gave the festival a multi-dimensional outlook. A predominantly science and technology festival till now, Techkriti ’11 had a refreshing new entrepreneurial and social flavour, continuing the efforts of the previous core team of Techkriti ’10 which oversaw the merger of Techkriti and Megabucks. Techkriti ’11 saw a lot more diversity in talks. Till now, the speakers only comprised renowned names in research, academia and technology. In this edition too, there were illustrious speakers such as Dr. Sidney Altman(Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1989), Vladimir Voevodsky(Russian mathematician and the only Field Medallist to give a talk in India then) and the accomplished astronaut Bruce E. Melnick. A refreshing addition to this illustrious panel were two TEDx speakers, Michael Gratzel, a designer of Millau Viaduct, Voting System designer David Bismark Techkriti ’11 also had a cultural touch, with British magician Nigel Mead happily exceeding the terms of his contract to conduct two shows for Techkriti. It also introduced the concept of a mascot in the form of Geeku, the adorable geek.
The entrepreneurial touch was evident in the introduction of entrepreneur panel discussion which was a roaring success. The speakers included notable entrepreneurs such as Ashish Gupta, Managing Director, Hellion Ventures and Chander Baljee, founder of Royal Orchid Hotels.
Another main attraction was an exhibition of the PR2 robot, which was sponsored by TATA Group. The home assistant robot, capable of performing numerous functions such as fetching beer and washing laundry, attracted huge crowds in its exhibition.
The team of Techkriti’11 was extremely close-knit and open to new ideas and their implementation. They put up a fantastic show on a shoestring budget of merely 15 lakhs, drawing participation of as many as 1500 students from other colleges all over India.

Palaash Soni (Festival Coordinator)
Paras Panwar,Rohan Parakh, Mahim Misra and Smit Chandra (Heads, Events)
Sandeep (Design)
Manik Garg, Abhishek Jain and Indraneel (Heads, Marketing)
Vishank Kumar (Finance)
Rahul Kumar Singh, Raghav Khanna and Shwetali Nimje (Heads, Public Relations)


Techkriti ‘12, the annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur, set off on its journey armed with its theme ‘Technology of the Future. An obvious reflection of the changing times, this theme was a great creative outlet that allowed students to depict their versions of the future on a technological canvas.
Techkriti ‘12 had talent competing at full throttle in all 38 of its competitions, that not only touched upon technology, but also spanned the ventures of social problems and business. This edition of Techkriti introduced new and innovative challenges such as SocCon and IDEAS while continuing its legacy of competitions like Gearloose and Junkyard Wars. Techkriti ‘12 made history when three national records were created in IORC: Indian Open Rubik’s Cube challenge.
Techkriti ‘12 had a plethora of talks and panel discussions with the speakers embodying the ideal of diversity. Stalwarts such as Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU and Deborah Berebichez graced the festival and illuminated everyone’s minds with their words. Panel discussion in the Entrepreneur’s Enclave series proved to be insightful with luminaries such as Mr Ajay Sood and Mr Gaurav Ahuja taking the stage. There were interactive exhibitions such as Nao Robots and CityCluster Avatart.New developments in exhibitions came in the form of display of IIT Kanpur’s indigenous research as well as Indian Techies, where Indian innovators triumphed. For the first time in Techkriti, participants were given octanorm stalls in Techplanet. Techkriti ‘12 continued the legacy of Megaworld, keeping the events of last year and adding two new events, ‘The Price is Right’ and ‘Pit Trading’. Shows in Techkriti made a new mark, with lineups such as Spontaneous Fantasia, Hand Shadowgraphy Act, LED Robot show and Fire show. Techkriti ‘12 signed off with a live concert by Kailash Kher.
All this was made possible by the various core team members who nurtured and handled the festival with all their efforts.

Prashant Bafna and Rohit Agarwal (Festival Coordinator)
Raviraj Bohra and Bhuvnesh Goyal (Heads, Marketing)
Vipul Niranjan, Mayank Kumar Sharma, Mayank Sen Sharma and Rahul Garg (Heads, Events)
Nagesh Kumar and Sahil Gupta (Heads, Public Relations)
Ankit Tandon (Head, Finance)
Praneet Jain and Deepak Choudhary (Heads, Show Management)
Prasad P Iyer (Head, Media and Publicity)
Nitish Jalan (Head, Design)


Techkriti ‘13, the annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur, set off on its journey armed with its theme ‘Fixing the Planet’ . A theme appropriate to the world around, it enabled a reflection of students’ ideas to fix our planet. Techkriti ‘13 was organised during 14th to 17th March, 2013.
Techkriti ‘13 had talent competing at full throttle in all 57 of its competitions, that not only touched upon technology, but also spanned the ventures of social problems and business. This edition of Techkriti introduced Techkriti Grand Prix and the first ever high performance computing event conducted in collaboration with CDAC. The first ever Inter IIT Tech meet ‘Jugaad’, was also conducted in association with the SnT Council. There was a marked rise in international participation as teams from Japan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE participated in GRC competition. On the social and environmental fronts, there were competitions like When Women Were, 28 States and In Deep Water. Techkriti team in association with the golden jubilee team organized a Guinness Book of World Record attempt and in which we managed to get to the final count of solving 1884 rubiks cube in one hour farmore than the previous record of 1451.
Techkriti ‘13 had a plethora of talks with the speakers embodying the ideal of diversity. Stalwarts such as Dr R Chidambaram, Mr Marshall Strabala, Dr Robert J Aumann and Dr Boaz Almog graced the festival and illuminated everyone’s minds with their words. There were interactive exhibitions such as Soccket and Aracna. Shows in Techkriti climbed greater heights, with lineups such as Laser show, 3D Projection Mapping and Tanya Mukesh acrobatics. Techkriti ‘13 signed off with a live concert by Sukhvinder Singh. Techkriti ‘13 kindled the spirit of social consciousness through Prakriti (Plantation Drive) and Blood Donation Camp.
All this was made possible by the various core team members who nurtured and handled the festival with all their efforts.

Aayush Gupta and Saurabh Chokhra (Festival Coordinators)
Gopi Ramena (Head, Web)
Nirant (Head, Marketing)
Ankit Tandon and Prashant Gupta (Heads, Finance)
Shrikant Bhole (Head, Security)


Backed upon the theme VIRTUALLY PROGRESSIVE WORLD IIT Kanpur hosted the 21st edition of its annual technical and entrepreneurial festival TECHKRITI in between 6th to 9th of March 2014.Stepping ahead after FIXING THE PLANET Techkriti started a whole new world of development for the unfortunate class.When the world proclaims of progressing there is a part to except each of its claims , the theme Virtually Progressive World was all about the bitter truth of society to alienate the poorer section of the society from the chances of development.The show-making event was a campaign called Pratibimb, an online photography event showcasing the two faceted society. The launching of Innovations in Manufacturing Practices, in association with Indian National Academy of Engineering,an event which encouraged students to build a hardware model for innovative manufacturing techniques,was a step towards solving existing problems of Indian Industries.Many new events were launched each of them set upon to test the basic skills of the man called engineer.The list of new events included Multi Rover:the first ever multirotor competition in a college fest in India,Richie Rich which stands on the theme:It’s how you make money work for more money,Marketing Villa,Quest for the Rest and Messier Marathon were other interesting inclusions to the humongous list of interesting events.
With technology and innovations as its core matter the events were so designed to test every aspect of your skills.shading all fields of technology namely Business,Robotics,Software Corner,Aeromodelling,Designing,presentation,Electronics and many more the participation of 22633 students in 59 competitions was alone enough to justify the quality of the event.Some really highlightable events were El Eduvate which was all about development of educational games,Robopirates a thrilling aqua robotics competition,Concatenate a rube goldberg competition,the biggest crowd seeker Wild Soccer and other to pile along.For the first time in the history of IITK a National Aeromodelling Festival was conducted comprising of a workshop to be followed by Sky Sparks competition.It was more than just innovation when it comes to something like Annontrix,an event where you had to design a brick with your favourite Noodles!!!
Not only was it a fest Techkriti eventually turned up to be an opportunity for many to give wings to their dreams. Unfortunately there still existed a section which could not claim of those chances. But it was not actually that sad Team Techkriti cutting across boundaries initiated many social campaigns for the well being of the society. Moving along with the nation Techkriti stepped out to help the victims of the uttarakhand tragedy launching Uttarakhand Relief collection Drive where we collected 34 cartons weighing 464 kg. Raktarpan a nationwide blood donation camp launched along with Blood Connect was another social work of the team and it turned out with 189 collections in the camp held on Jan 25 2014. Women are the most important and in the same time most underweighted part of society. Seeking women empowerment as a need for society Techkriti started Urja in which we taught 50 women around 20th of Jan about making products from bamboo. Also 8th of March was pronounced as International Women’s Day with full enthusiasm when we organised a panel discussion on women empowerment including representation of women from all fields. Also the screening of the documentary “BRAVE MISS WORLD” in the presence of its star LINOR ABARGIL,Miss World 1998,was a step towards women empowerment.Blog for a Cause,Pratibimb were some of the other moves towards the betterment of mankind. There was more in the box for Techkriti launched a great move on December 25 , 2013 named Claus for a Cause where Team Techkriti visited an orphanage and asked the children to Make A Wish and left no stone unturned to fulfill them. Another major step was going carbon positive for Techkriti 14 becoming Asia’s first carbon positive college fest and team Techkriti launched Prakriti where more than 200 enthusiasts planted trees around IITK campus.
Any technical event is just incomplete without words from the most decorated brains of technology , so was Techkriti. This need was met by the presence of some of the eminent faces of the technical world. This series witnessed pre-fest talks by Rakesh Sharma , the man in history as the first Indian in space,and Hans Rosling , a Swedish doctor cum academician cum statistician cum public speaker what a multi-tallented man. The campus was lucky enough to have witnessed talks by Avin E Roth,Walter Lewin,P Sainath,D J Griffiths,George Kouronis, Jordan Soles and Ajai Chowdhary al being masters of their fields.It also welcomed Indian Innovators like Brij Kothari and Siddhartha Jain.
Techkriti is more often like an event which showcases the theme Where Talent Meets Opportunities and so was this time and it eventually saw making and breaking of records.At the Indian Open Rubik’s Cube 2014 hosted by IITK Pranav Maneriker of the home college set the new record in Fewest Moves Challenge unpuzzling the 3x3 cube in 39 moves the then national record. In another event Akash Rupela of IITD set up the new record solving 4X4 cube in 37.48 seconds.Apart from that, IORC also witnessed National Rank 2 in 3x3 MultiBLD (Multiple Blindfold) by Akash Rupela (7 cubes blindfolded in 48 mins, 50secs), 3x3 Average by Akash Rupela with an average time of 10.31seconds and in Square-1 Average by Ayush Kumar (Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon) with an average time of 25.54 seconds. So if this makes you to think that Techkriti is all about technology and others you are wrong my dear. Like always Techkriti this year as well involved a fun element in it. It saw shows and performances from clubs from all across the world. Some interesting exhibitions from tecnological giants and many more ineresting stuff you could hang around with.Megaworld the major fun event in Techkriti was simply amazing with numerous happening events like Casino,Tambola,Treasure Hunt and so on.
All this was possible because of the sincere efforts of the team of Techkriti IITK.

Aksshat Goel and Ibrahim Faruqi (Festival Coordinators)
Abu Hakim Khan, Sandeep Verma and Siddarth Sanghi (Heads, Events)
Rohit Kumar and Anirudh Bendapudi (Heads, Marketing)
Sachin Chaudhary and Saurabh Baggaru (Heads, Security)
Abhishek Jindal and Saket Bajaj (Heads, Show Management)
Shreyansh Singh (Head, Design)
Akshat Shrivastav (Head, Finance)
Rajat Binaykiya, Chetan Patil and Shubham Chirania (Heads, Public Relations)
Bhavesh Mittal and Javesh (Head, Web)


We are amidst the hardest times developing into a global power. But this progress cannot be achieved at the cost of some other pressing issue. We need to proceed maintaining a balance in the environment as well as in the society. Even at this juncture of human development era, we have all the social differences in our society one can possibly imagine. We believe that the solution to this problem is not going back all the way. But it can be done by making some small smart changes in the pre-existing system by the use of technology and logic.

Techkriti ’15 was a landmark edition of Techkriti in many ways. For the first time, Techkriti became an open festival, allowing those living nearby to share the energetic and innovative vibe in IITK. Techkriti ’15 also started several new initiatives, most notably the Techkriti Open School Championship(TOSC), a competition for school students across India held in 3 rounds. TOSC has grown immensely since and is presently held in over 20 cities in various parts of the country. Techkriti ’15 also launched AISRC(All India Research Convention) for the first time.

Techkriti ’15 improved upon Techkriti ’14 in several ways. In Techkriti ’14 and other previous editions of Techkriti, very often the main focus was on talks. The Techkriti ’15 team decided to give more emphasis to shows, workshops and entrepreneurial events. Techkriti ’15 was the first college festival to be attended by Myntra, The number of workshops rose to almost 25 in this edition and there was a conscious effort to introduce new competitions and modify some existing ones. There were as many as 15 talks too, including Sir Anthony Leggett, Nobel Prize in Physics(2003), among others.

A suicide awareness campaign with the hashtag of IAmStrong, lent the festival a much required social quotient. The social initiative was well-received by sponsors and beneficiaries alike.

The USP of Techkriti ’15 was, however, the concert by internationally acclaimed band, Poets of The Fall(POTF), a show which left the entire campus and the entire college festival circuit awestruck. The team

Techkriti ’15 was a landmark edition in more ways than one. There was a major change in the team structure of Techkriti, with 50% of Core team shifting from fourth to third year. This showed visible results, as fresher ideas came up and were implemented. Here is the team that set a landmark for future editions of Techkriti:

Shivyansh Tandon and Shreyansh Singh (Festival Coordinators)
Ashutosh, Karan Pal and Arun Chaurasia (Heads, Events)
Vibhor Agnihotri, Arpit Kabra and Himanshu Jaiswal (Heads, Public Relations)
Subhrojeet Paul (Head, Media and Publicity)
Rishabh Bansal, Akshay Mahajan and Aman Jain (Heads, Marketing)
Aman Singhal (Head, Finance)
Aditya Shankar (Head, Design)
Romit and Bhanu (Heads, Web)
Suraj and Abhay (Heads, Security)
Umang and Rohan Sharma (Heads, Show Management)


The technical and entrepreneurial extravaganza of IIT Kanpur, Techkriti'16 charted its way across space and time with the theme, ‘Beyond Our Planet’. The theme was inspired by the innate cumulative interest that humanity possesses with regard to space and given momentum by the success of the Mars Orbiter Mission, also known as ‘Mangalyaan’.

From 3rd to 6th March 2016, IITK hosted illuminating talks, aggressive competitions and exhibitions. Techkriti ’16 carried on the tradition of Techkriti ’15 through the fierce competitions . The technical competitions included Electromania, Embedded, Bridge Design challenge, Junkyard Wars, Concatenate, Manoeuvre, Wild Soccer, Chaos, IOPC, Hoverush, Multiroter, AstroTreasure, Nutcracker and Crime Run and many more. Business and Entrepreneurship competitions included Marketing Villa, Accessible India, Be The Tycoon, Social Track,etc. Soccon, 29 States and Techkriti Innovation Challenge were among the Social competitions. The international edition of events included IORC, IRGT, and Techkriti Grand Prix among others.

Techkriti ’16 had a plethora of talks scheduled, setting up a new benchmark for variety and surpassing Techkriti ‘15. The chief guest this edition was Dr. Hamid Karzai, Honourable Ex-President, Afghanistan. Stalwarts like Dr Lyndon Evans, Jorge Cham, Vikas Swarup and Mike Libecki, shared the experiences they have had from their vastly different fields. Along with the talks, many enriching workshops and exhibitions took place, many of which were continued from Techkriti ‘15. Among the workshops there were Bridge Design, Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems, Augmented Reality, Ethical Hacking to name just a few. There were interactive exhibitions such as Automated Chess and Gesture Controlled Gaming,as well as visual exhibitions like Manav, Bionic Arm, Hovertrax, WiFi dustbin and Charging Valet Tray among many others. Techkriti had enthralling shows in this edition. They included Fire and Laser show, Edge Ryderzs bikes show, EDM Sunburn and Farhan Akhtar live. There was also an interactive session with the cast of the popular web series, TVF Pitchers, making it the first session of this kind.

Techkriti ‘16 carried forward Techkriti Open School Championship (TOSC), that had begun in Techkriti ‘15. This edition, it had expanded to 9 cities all over India and had a participation of 2,500 students.

Techkriti ‘16 kickstarted a wave of social campaigns aimed at uplifting orphans. They were called ‘Spreading Smiles’ and ‘Make A Wish’.

Techkriti ‘16 was the first edition to become environmentally conscious and implemented measures such as disposable plates for stalls.

None of this would have been possible without the persistent efforts taken by the Techkriti ‘16 team. It consisted of:

Prakhar Jain and Rishi Gupta (Festival Coordinators)
Harsh Faujdar,Nikhil Kedia and Shivam Yadav (Heads, Events)
Aishwarya Mallik, Asit Anurag and Ritika Sharma (Heads, Public Relations)
Shubham Mittal and Aman Trigunait (Head, Media and Publicity)
Rishabh Gupta, Himanshu Natani and Ritu Raj (Heads, Marketing)
Ankit Agrawal (Head, Finance)
Deependra Rajpoot (Head, Design)
Amit Saharan (Heads, Web)
Anil Kumar and Kailash Chand Meena (Heads, Security)
Neeraj S.Thakur and Vinod Bhojwani (Heads, Show Management)